Cooking great pizza takes practice and patience. Take time to get to know your Pizza Nevo oven, experiment with different dough and get your timings right. It's unlikely you'll cook the perfect pizza straight away (although it'll always taste great). Take pleasure in perfecting the craft and we're sure your family and friends will love tasting your results.

1. Prepare your dough ahead of time

Great pizza dough needs time to prove and rest. Depending on the type of dough your making this could be overnight or even a whole day. 

If you're using premade / packet dough then let it reach room temperature before you begin to work with it. 

2. Our ovens cook pizza quickly - have a good setup

 Once up to temperature your pizza will only take a few moments to cook therefore you should get all your tools and serving plates etc ready before you start to cook. 

Only add your toppings right before you cook. Depending on what toppings your using they could make the dough wet if they sit too long.

3. If your making a few pizzas you should make a list before starting

It's great cooking a few pizzas for friends and family but there's nothing worse than not being prepared. You should plan your toppings and make a list of what you're making ahead of time.

You want to add toppings at the last moment and your pizzas take a few moments to cook so have all your toppings ready to go - getting family involved in a pizza assembly line is a great way to get everyone involved.

4. The right cooking technique is crucial to great pizza

Your oven will take about 15 minutes to reach 500° and your pizza stone should be up to temperature. 

However, your pizza peel should be cool and floured before sliding a raw pizza onto it. You should practice the "hovercraft technique" which involves gently lifting one side of the dough and gently blowing air under it. This will create an air pocket which helps spread the flour. Jiggle the pizza a little before putting it in the oven, if it sticks your peel needs more flour. It could also be a sign that your dough is too wet - see above.

Cook your pizza towards the front of the oven and be aware that the back will cook faster. You may also find that it's better to turn the flame down whilst cooking and then back up in between pizzas. You will need to get a feel for what's best.

NEVER walk away whilst a pizza is cooking. It will very easily burn.

5. Once your finished - keep your tools in best possible shape

Even after you turn your pizza oven off, do not remove the stone until it has cooled. The sudden temperature change could cause it to crack. Your shouldn't also scrub your stone clean, simply give a brush and then flip it over. Any pizza debris will burn off or dislodge the next time you use it.