Pizza without a doubt is one of the most popular dishes in the world today. Its long history spans centuries, unifying the countries of Europe and later continents and entire world but where did it all start and how did it become so popular?

The first major breakthrough in the history of pizza actually happened in 16th century with the arrival of tomatoes from the New World. Tomatoes were often thought as a poor man's fruit, but sauces made from tomatoes soon became integral part of the Italian pizza.


Where it began

One of the earliest mentioning's of pizza came from the historical writings of the Darius, the Great conquest of Europe. It mentions the habit of his soldiers to bake flattened bread on their shields, which were later covered with cheese and dates.

Move forward centuries and the arrival of tomatoes from the new world represented one ingredient for the incredible rise of the pizza popularity. The centre of pizza innovation was centred in city of Naples, where local cooks first started implementing now famous tomato topping.

By late 18th century pizza reached great popularity on the streets of Naples. It was sold in the poorer sections of the city, which became popular tourist destination of many Italian and European sailors that visited that city. As the pizza became more popular, the vendors that sold them became more organized.

Once pizza arrived in the US in the late 19th century a star was born and with the concentrated Italian presence in places like Chicago and New York it wasn’t long before word spread.

Although popularity of pizza grew in the USA, it was mostly limited to the Italian immigrants and their descendants. The moment that brought true international fame of the pizza happened after end of the World War II, when soldiers returning from the European fronts brought with themselves an appetite for this incredible dish.

Popularity of pizza continues to grow even today, and many public events and festivals are held in the honor of this incredible dish (such as World Pizza Championship where best cooks from entire world fight for the title of best pizza maker).

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