When a Pizza Nevo oven is properly cared for they will provide you with a safe, fun and reliable service for many years to come. However extreme care must be taken as the oven produces intense heat that can cause accidents.

1. What type of gas can I use on my Pizza Nevo oven?

Any model of Pizza Nevo ovens should be run on either propane or patio gas.

2. Can I use my pizza oven in a closed environment?

You should only use your oven outdoors and where there is sufficient ventilation. When it use your oven should have at least a 50cm gap to any walls or surface that could restrict the air and heat flow.

What temperature should I cook my pizza at?

Your Pizza Nevo oven will take about 15 minutes to reach 500° and your pizza stone should also be allowed to heat up. Don't attempt to cook pizza on a cool pizza stone as this will just result in the top burning whilst the bottom remaining raw.

4. Does putting the pizza at the back make it cook faster?

Once your oven is up temperature it should only take about 90 seconds to cook a pizza. The right place to place it is actually at the front of the oven but be aware that the back will cook faster. Turning your pizza during the cooking will ensure an even finish.

5. Always carry out a gas leak test before cooking

How to carry out a Gas Leak Test

  1. Turn the burner valve OFF

  2. Turn the liquid propane cylinder valve counter clockwise to open

  3. Apply a soap solution made up of one part water and one part liquid soap to all the gas fittings

  4. If bubbles begin to appear a gas leak is present. If this happens immediately turn off the gas supply and tighten all fittings. If the problems persist get in touch with our customer support team through the submit a support request on the site.

6. Always use your pizza oven for its intended purpose

Sounds obvious? 

  • The appliance should be used with the hose and regulator supplied
  • Do not store the gas cylinder beneath the appliance
  • Make sure to read the user manually thoroughly before use.