Garden Pizza Ovens - Are They Worth The Hype?

The quick answer here is obviously to say that pizza ovens can be fantastic. However, not all pizza ovens have the same quality or are easy to use. 

You can buy an affordable pizza oven that works really well and are great for pizza parties and great fun. 

Here's why we think specialist pizza ovens are worth it:

Authentic style pizza needs extremely high temperatures

It’s the extremely high temperatures that are key to creating the amazing taste of authentic Italian style pizza. Typically you want a pizza oven that reaches around 450 degrees, it’s when you reach this that not only do you create fantastic pizza, it will also cook in about 60 - 90 seconds. It’s obviously true that you can create homemade pizza in a regular oven at home, but delicious Neapolitan style pizza can only be made in a specialist pizza oven at extremely high temperatures.

In the past the only way to achieve these results was through a large and often expensive brick oven. You need open flames and you can now easily achieve this using much more cost effective home gas pizza ovens

A Neopolitan pizza is delicate to handle. It’s crispy whilst also being soft and this is largely down to the fact it cooks so quickly. The extreme heat also creates a “spring” to the dough which is created when the crust bubbles.

Pizza ovens make great pizza in moments

A quality pizza oven will make great pizza in under 90 seconds. Depending on the results you want or the size / thickness of your dough it can also be even quicker. However, the main benefit of a pizza oven isn’t just that it cooks pizza so quickly - that’s just a bonus! 

When a pizza is cooked at such high temperatures for a short time it results in the pizza having a puffy and airy texture and a well risen crust. Plus, because it cooks so quickly it doesn’t result in the base to burn, authentic Italian style pizza shouldn’t have a crispy base! The base itself should be soft, with a crispy and puffy crust.

Why do pizza ovens seem expensive?

It’s true that as a one-off cost a pizza oven can seem expensive. They are that cost mainly due to the materials that are required to withstand the high temperatures. Plus, the most expensive ones are often too big to be practical in most gardens. There are plenty of more affordable options available and that’s where Pizza Nevo comes in! 

We’re exceptionally proud of the product we’ve created. We don’t compare ourselves to others, we know what we stand for - and that’s creating great experiences and enjoyment. 

A Pizza Nevo oven connects to your gas cylinder just like a barbecue and is easily stored and transported. The cost can also be offset the the longevity and the fun you will have!

Top Tip: Always use homemade pizza dough

Although, we should state that we highly recommend you make your own pizza dough - and luckily we have a really easy pizza dough recipe. Ready made pizza bases bought from a supermarket are no use in a pizza oven. At the high temperatures a pizza oven achieves a store bought pizza base would turn into a burnt mess.

Using our recipe makes creating your own pizza dough easy and you don’t need any specialist ingredients or equipment. For the best Neapolitan style pizza results, always use freshly made pizza dough.