Five things you need to know before buying a pizza oven

Pizza ovens are becoming more popular every year especially in recent times when families are getting used to socialising at home. However, choosing the right pizza oven for you is necessarily as straightforward as it sounds. The type of pizza you want as well as the space you have in your garden can all influence your requirement, not to mention the accessories!

We’ve created 5 things to think about when you’re thinking of buying a gas pizza oven:

1. There are different types of pizza oven

There’s no such thing as “just a pizza oven”. There are a few types to choose from which are suitable for different spaces and pizza types.

Portable pizza ovens

By far the most popular pizza oven, and our Pizza Nevo model is no exception. Portable pizza ovens can be used in your garden or taken away on an camping trips. Our model can cook pizza in under 90 seconds.

Barbecue top pizza ovens

This type of pizza oven utilises the heat of the BBQ. Unless you have a BBQ model that has pizza oven extension that fits it can often be difficult to find one that is the right size. Cooking time will also take longer.

Freestanding pizza ovens

One for the pros. If you’re a real pizza enthusiast who has a large garden then this type of oven could be the one for you. A lot of patience and skill is required to use them to their potential.

2. The price of pizza ovens vary

The price of the different types of pizza ovens will vary widely. You could find a BBQ top one for around £50 which will do a steady job. Most portable pizza ovens (such as Pizza Nevo) cost around £250 - £300 but are easy to use and great results can be achieved first time. 

The freestanding option could be several thousand pounds for something custom for you garden. It would need great insulation, ventilation and provide you with a good cooking space to work in.

3. Pizza ovens get very hot on the outside

Most pizza ovens are made of metal meaning that unless there’s a dedicated heat resistant coating, the outside will get very hot. Obviously this is something to be aware of when cooking pizza for your family. 

4. At a minimum you’ll need a pizza stone and peel

The two most essential accessories. Especially in the case of a pizza stone, you won’t be able to cook decent pizza without one. Luckily, all Pizza Nevo ovens are supplied with one. 

Pizza stone

This is removable as is the thing your pizza will cook on. You place it inside the pizza oven to heat up and it should comfortably fit inside. Be sure to check dimensions if you’re buying one separately. 

Pizza peel

Pizza peels are the thing you need to move your pizza in and out of the oven. They should have a heat resistant handle and have a non-stick surface. 

5. Less is more with great pizza

Neapolitan style pizza should be bubbling with a slightly scorched crust. For them to be perfectly cooked in such high temperatures then toppings should be conservative. Don’t be loading up your pizza with lots of toppings as it’ll only result in the centre of your pizza being soggy whilst the outside burns. 

We have the perfect pizza dough recipe but may also want to consider buying a ready made dough. 

If all this sounds good to you then head over to our online shop to browse our full catalogue.